Our Company

At a Glance

Growing and processing epitaxial wafers within your own fab is an exhaustive capital intensive activity and the availability of experienced fab professionals is extremely limited. Outsourcing your epitaxial growth and/or process needs to Masimo Semi relieves you of the burdens of this process.

Additional benefits include:

Fast turn-around from prototype to high volume manufacturing of III-V epitaxial wafers by MOCVD and final devices.

Scientists and Engineers available to assist with developing and qualifying custom epi processes, fabrication and final device testing.

Experienced staff of epitaxy professionals with 35+ years of industry knowledge to process wafers.

Advanced metrology equipment for epitaxial film and device characterization.

epitaxial wafer being made

What We Do

Masimo Semiconductor specializes in wafer epitaxy, foundry services, and device fabrication for the healthcare, industrial, energy, datacom/telecom, security, and consumer products markets. Applying our extensive experience in compound semiconductor epitaxy and device processing, the scientists, engineers and technicians at Masimo Semiconductor work with clients to design and fabricate components that give our clients’ products an edge in the marketplace.

How We Work

Masimo Semiconductor is a cost-effective product development and reliable manufacturing partner and service provider. We do not compete with our customers. We collaborate closely and always protect customer confidentiality and intellectual property. Working together, we develop custom solutions for our customers, enabling higher product differentiation. We seek to form strong partnerships with our customers, taking products quickly and efficiently through development and into cost effective manufacturing.


Masimo Semiconductor is committed to providing design, development and manufacturing of MOCVD based epitaxial wafers and devices that meet all applicable requirements. Everyone is encouraged and empowered to actively improve and maintain the effectiveness of our quality management system to enhance customer satisfaction. Masimo Semiconductor process management documentation sets out the policies, procedures, organization, responsibilities, Quality system and electronic media to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.