Foundry Services

Fabrication, Development & Production

Masimo Semiconductor operates a complete compound semiconductor device fabrication line focused on the fabrication of custom devices, as well as development, prototyping, pilot production and manufacturing. Capabilities of the custom and production wafer processing laboratory at Masimo Semiconductor range from prototype development to full production and include CAD design of photolithographic mask sets, development of custom device processes, and routine fabrication.

Foundry services


Wet etch & dry (Reactive Ion etching)

PECVD silicon nitride, silicon oxynitride, silicon dioxide



Optical thin film deposition

Wafer polishing & lapping

Automated wafer probing

Wafer dicing (automated sawing)


Ridge waveguide devices

Red to IR VCSELs

Red to IR Lasers

Thermal photovoltaic devices

Avalanche photo diodes


Optical modulation devices

Optical frequency conversion devices

Laser power converters

GaAs based P-I-N photodetectors

InP based P-I-N photodetectors

High efficiency solar cells

Fabrication Process Services

At Masimo Semiconductor, we take epitaxial wafers through the full wafer fabrication process flow. This includes GaAs, GaN, GaSb, InP and InAs wafers up to 4 inches in size. These wafers can be grown at Masimo Semiconductor’s facility or supplied by customers. Customers can also supply photomasks, or we can provide the engineering expertise to develop a process flow and CAD layout used to develop a new set of masks or cross-sectional concept drawings. We specify the process steps or collaborate and agree on parameter conditions to meet the desired device feature and implement the process in our fabrication line. This saves development time for our customers and provides a source of proprietary devices without the expense of a dedicated internal fabrication line.

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